Static hand in front of the sun,

A black bodied hand forms behind it,

Still as the static hand,

Stable,motionless but lifeless.

Never reckoned to reputation,

A personality so contradictory to,

It’s authoritative body,

More than a thallus,less than a carcass,

Body differentiation,limb by limb,

No eyes,no mouth,no sight,no speech,

A mute spectator without vision.

The sun sets,

Dusk falls upon.

The contradictory body

Merges with its authority,

Like a soul in a cadaver,

Solitude of both bodies,


The voids of each other’s absence,

Filled with unification as one.

Just like red sun,

merging with horizon

An affectionate vista,

Of a shadow connecting,

With its body.

~Sunidhi Bajaj

~Dusky Walk~

Hoarding boards in non native language,
Mizzling water upon concretion concrete tiles,
Scents of perfumed candles,
Mingling with the aroma of cuisines around,
Traditional attires interweaving,
With the cultural fiesta..
A dimension of dusk,
For this ostentatious street,
Can rarely be pronounced,
A sedate walk down the Japanese agora,
an apotheosis of a latibule,
for an explorer’s vagility..

~Sunidhi Bajaj
(Picture credits:pinterest)

~Puerile Fish~

Through a transpicuous egg,
A tiny baby fish pushes herself out,
Crystalline little body,
Fragile yet so energetic,
Indefatigable little fins,
Wide eyes in utter bewilderment,
Getting too strenuous to fathom,
In what world Is she is in.

A while later,
She steps out in the
Ocean full of vivid diversity,
Bubbles of air,
Coming out from her breath,
The sea grass tickling,
Her tender framework,
Yellow,blue,red fishes,
All moving modestly in congregations,
such a vibrant atmosphere
Around blue of the ocean,
Placid, the tiny fish was now
By the charm of the place,
She was in.

~Sunidhi Bajaj
(Picture credit: pinterest)

~Premonition Of Failure~

Rivulets of sweat poured off,
Perspiration on temples..
Pounding heart,
Cold sweat gushing in the stream of blood.

A premonition of defeat,
Of destruction.
Frustrated of failure,
Of dereliction.
Pumping self doubt with every beat of heart.

To everyone’s bewilderment,
Frustrated individual transformed.
Transformed into a fighter,
Transformed into a warrior,
In a war against self distrust.

A battle in opposition to self was ended,
Fighter came out,
with flying colours of assertiveness.
Bleeder was now a Victor.

~Sunidhi Bajaj
(Picture credit: cosmopolitan)


Checkered black and white,
A galaxy of scintillating stars,
Faintly green and red hues,
Sometimes shimmery,
Sometimes even blue
A disparate world is found
When the eyes are rubbed and
In the colourful mirage of phosphenes
We are drowned..

~The colours of a disparate world,yes the world when eyes are rubbed~

Poem© Sunidhi Bajaj

~Thorns of Wabara~

These prickles,they are the best part of your beautiful
Strong,yet bearing something so supple
Guarding you,as you be so fragile
They are feared and loathed for their appearance
But never commended or endeared for their intentions
Yet another homo sapien hypocrisy
We adore the beauty
But never the scars of that beauty
It is so unfathomable for us
To fathom out that
These scars, they are the best part of your beautiful
They perform the act of an usher so conscientiously
Still we contemplate them thinking that
They bring obloquy
They bring ignominy
Decidedly we are so allured and captivated by the beauty
That we neglect what makes it..

Poem©Sunidhi Bajaj