~Million Dollar Skin~

Shells which are pale yellow,
Diluted with a hint of white,
Shells shaped oval,
Shells which are sealed and occluded,
Shells which are like guardian draperies,
To a new progeny, a new life.
A hair line mark appears,
From the cranny,
Little emerald eyes,
Take in the light.
The hard shell, hatches and pushes,
The covers aside.
To reveal a hatchling,
A hatchling of an alligator,
Like the draperies which unfurl,
To embrace the crowning of an autarch.
The hatchling,
crawls up to its mother,
Hunter green eyes,
Taking into consideration,
Every small detail of the tribe.
Glee turned into gloom,
As felicitations were disturbed
And a havoc was created,
By the poachers.
In no time the baby,
Was parted from its mother,
As the baby was picayune,
But the mother,
She was the owner,
Of million dollar skin.
Her skin was ripped off,
And the blood dripped,
Every drop had nostalgia,
Every drop had memories,
Every drop had the pain,
And the suffering,
Of a disastrous farewell,
From her beloved child.
With tears of blood,
She finally closed her eyes
And a bleeding cadaver,
Died again.
But this time with Death.
The million dollar skin,
Now with glistening texture,
And well constructed framework,
Is worn and adorned with embellishments,
By the human race,
To events concerned,
With gists and ideas,
on wildlife protection.
And,The petite baby alligator,
Is lone and clueless about the world,
It is now in.
~Sunidhi Bajaj
(Picture credit:pinterest)

2 thoughts on “~Million Dollar Skin~

  1. Wow! This is so good Sunidhi. Reading the title, one could hardly guess it would be about this but quite astute indeed. Wonderfully written plus you drew attention to a largely ignored yet a pertinent issue.

    Liked by 1 person

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