Static hand in front of the sun,

A black bodied hand forms behind it,

Still as the static hand,

Stable,motionless but lifeless.

Never reckoned to reputation,

A personality so contradictory to,

It’s authoritative body,

More than a thallus,less than a carcass,

Body differentiation,limb by limb,

No eyes,no mouth,no sight,no speech,

A mute spectator without vision.

The sun sets,

Dusk falls upon.

The contradictory body

Merges with its authority,

Like a soul in a cadaver,

Solitude of both bodies,


The voids of each other’s absence,

Filled with unification as one.

Just like red sun,

merging with horizon

An affectionate vista,

Of a shadow connecting,

With its body.

~Sunidhi Bajaj

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