~Blue Elixir~

Blue is expression
Blue is emotion
Blue is the elixir.
Scathing sentimentality,
Blue clinging to entire,
Frame of a body,
Blue clutches the complete,
Complexion of a soul,
Heart is red,
Red with the hues of blue,
Red with the clouds of blue.
The blue elixir,
Is a lenifying draught
Or a poisonous potion,
Of suffering,
A mystical healing
Or necromantic sorcery
A blue elixir,
Vehements to live a life,
Live with a blissful curve of lips
And the depression,
Swallows with sadness,
Deep inside.
The dungeons of blue,
In the castle of euphoria.
Soul liberates this blue,
Into the limpid sky,
which is blue,
Into the water of halcyon,
which is blue,
This vivid elixir of blue.
Blue is expression
Blue is emotion
Blue is elixir.
~Sunidhi Bajaj