Staggering violet petals flabbergasted the baby goat

“That is monkshood, it is devilishly poisonous,
never go near it!” – his mother warned

But the violet flowers beguiled the baby goat,

With callow steps he went up to the monkshood

In a noble and patrician manner
he moderately chewed the violet flowers,

The resulting bolus, as it went down
the alimentary canal of baby goat,

Odious poison mixed with the blood stream,
pumped back again through the entire body.

In a jiffy

The puerile framework of baby goat
turned into a venomous cadaver!

Poem©sunidhi bajaj

~To Connect With The Divine~

Standing on the sea shore,
looking through the gates of


Indeed recollecting Pamela Johnson’s quotation

Sky breaking like an egg into the full sunset
and the water catching fire…

Perception comes that sunsets are a proof,
no matter what happens or how bad it happens

Everyday can end beautifully

With a hope, an assurance
and an optimistic promise of a new sunrise…

Sun never shrugs of it’s promise,

It never leaves promises as just words…

But we banish this trustworthy kin from our thoughts

And expect abiding trust from confreres…

We are living in a phantasmagoria of chimeras

And often overlook the promises
that the nature keeps with us…

Decidedly, to watch a sunset is akin
to connect with the trust of divine

With a promise of not being shattered..

©Sunidhi Bajaj